Refund and Returns Policy

Shipping Policy

If you have paid by card please allow up to 3 working days for your payment to be cleared, once the payment has cleared please allow 8 working days to receive the item.

Please note it can take 5 working days to show the status of delivery.

In cases where the courier has not delivered the parcel to you 30 working days after dispatch according to their tracking page, We will issue a full refund.

In cases where delivery has been made and a proof of delivery (POD) with the signature of the consignee is available from the courier but you have not received the parcel physically, we would do our best in assisting you in the investigation of a missing parcel by opening a case with them in order to get any compensation issued by the courier. Dispute cases as such will be reviewed by PayPal and Paypal always has the final decision on the outcome of a case.

Above all, customers are responsible for providing a correct and complete shipping address. N2N Electronics reserves the right to reject issuing any refund for lost-parcel cases due to an erroneous and/or incomplete address. Customers are recommended to contact our CS Team at [email protected] in case of a non-receipt of a parcel beyond its reasonable time frame.

Return & Warranty Policy


1-All returns must be received within 30 days.

2-Returned item/items must be in the exact same condition.

3-Return requests for non-fitting items or change of mind. The buyer is responsible for the postage both ways.

4-The item must be totally unused and in new condition, if it is sold as “NEW”. A 20% to 30% surcharge fee will apply depending on the condition since the item can no longer be sold “NEW”.

5-In the case of an item sold as “box opened and never used”, it must be returned unused, with all internal original packaging. Due to the item no longer being able to be sold “box opened never used,” a 20% to 30% surcharge fee will be applied.

6-In the case of used camera returns, the shutter count could not be greater than 10 (all shutter counts are recorded before sales and will be rechecked after returns). There will be a 10% surcharge due to further checks and restocking.

​7- Warranty is valid for 1 Year for eligible products. Starting from the delivery date.

8- The repair process for faulty products is 4-8 weeks.